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tv   BBC World News  PBS  July 1, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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announcer: the new pbs for ipad app. you'll never know what you'll find. [dog barks] announcer: available now in the app store. >> this is "bbc world news america." funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its global expertise to work for a
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wide range of companies. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news america." >> q good job as ethnicities being treated for cancer. -- hugo chavez is being treated for cancer. the 90th anniversary of the communist party. welcome to the bbc world news. the world -- the royal wedding at fever is going on in monaco. the latest transformer's film -- will it provides 3d cinema?
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after speculation about his health, hugo chavez has admitted he is being operated on for cancer. surgeons found a tumor. the tumor has been successfully removed and he is under a full recovery. >> a much thinner and failed -- and frailer president appear before cameras. it is the first time he has spoken to the nation since he was taken to cuba at three weeks ago. he confirmed what many expected -- that his health problems or more serious than the government previously admitted. >> the doctor did a series of tests, which confirmed the presence of a tumor and the presence of cancer cells, which made a second surgical intervention necessary to remove
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the tumor. >> chavez says fidel castro was the first to tell him he was on well -- he looked unwell. the doctor discovered cancerous cells. >> this is the age of intervention. i am recovering successfully while receiving complementary therapies. i continue on the path of my full recovery. >> the president insists he has been able to carry and out his duties as head of state while in cuba. he has given no date for his return to venezuela. >> the former head of the imf, dominique strauss-kahn, was accused of attempting to rape a new york hotel maid.
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a court appearance -- prosecutors have been raising questions about the background of be made. stalls, and remains under house arrest. earlier, i spoke to someone who said the concerns of the prosecutor are important. >> the defense has made it clear in the past few weeks that they are prepared to attack the character of the main witness. an investigation has uncovered questions about her background and credibility. she was the main witness in the case. she was the one in the bedroom. what they are reporting, "the new york times," is that she has made contact with someone in prison. she made contact with them the day after the allegations were made.
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it appears an awful lot of money has gone to her account in the past two years from this man who is being held on a charge of drug dealing. it appears as though she has lied about certain elements of her claim. -- of her asylum claim. she entered the country a few years ago. there are questions about her credibility. they are back in court today. this is a scheduled appearance. they were not supposed to come back until june 19 -- july 19. you have to question whether this case will proceed. >> if, and it is a big if, the case does collapse, what will dominique strauss-kahn do next? >> there is been a sensational reaction in france today. this is a nation that was angry about the way he was paraded in the initial stages.
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it was not just about his reputation. it was the reputation of the nation itself that was being questioned. they were angry about headlines in the american newspapers. people are talking about a premature way justice was delivered. we have heard from deputies in parliament -- it is my sense that there has been so much said that it would be unthinkable for him to stand as the next presidential candidate for the socialist. i where his support goes, some might be candidacy. the outcome could have big implications. >> we are falling big business stories today. 17 e.u. finance ministers went, whew -- we have some time.
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>> greece lived through with their promise that they would pass austerity measures. the eu finance ministers will be discussing the next bailout. this tide's greece over. they are held over until september. the next big bailout will carry them through until 2014. greece cannot return to the money market. the amount of interest to investors are demanding on greek that is unsustainable for greece. we have been saying this all this week. at the end of the day, this is just buying time for the european union to shore up its own family, to shore up the banking system within europe, recapitalize those banks so if greece goes down the default path, they can do it with structure.
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>> south korea. >> trade kicks off today. this is the first free trade for the you. it is important for both sides. we are talking about $1 billion between -- trade between the two. this is what happens when you sign a free-trade agreement. for the eu, it opens up south korea in terms of regulation. it will be beneficial for you pharmaceuticals and electronics. on the flip side, south korea makes more cars. that means they will have easy access for their car industry. >> tiny little amounts of champagne. let's get that. you are not getting any boos.
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>> it instantly scraps 70% of duties. almost one under% will be swept in the next five years. i will have more on the world does this report in 20 minutes. >> the chinese communist party celebrates his birthday today. it is the world's biggest political party. there are 18 million. our correspondent travel to northern china during the civil war more than 60 years ago it is considered the birthplace of china's communist revolution. >> the communist like to celebrate. courage and sacrifice, but most of it on one side. this is a partial version of history with a clear message.
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communist party say that china. children love the party, even before they are old enough to understand why. >> we are here to remember the parti's great achievements. great achievements. those achievements are not hard to find. it is a remote place far from the coastal city that drives china's economy. the communist party we energized this struggling nation. its success draws people from across china to hear. they come to see how it all got started. it is a pilgrimage to the chinese revolution's only land.
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this is the most sacred spot. people lived in caves carved out of the mountainside. the ideas that were stuck there are now gone. capitalism has largely replaced communism. the party is still in power. they had managed to do that by keeping tight control. party members sit in sessions or they get the latest instructions. they are learning political skill. >> why do we study mao tse tung? because if the communist party is to rule, it has to have legitimacy. >> it might want approval, but the party will not hold elections to get it. it is engaged in the biggest
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crackdown on in years. new members pledged their allegiance to the party. at the moment, economic success of trump's political repression. michael bristow, bbc news, china. >> earlier, our beijing correspondent explained and the chinese feel about the communist party 30 years on. >> it was a reform. it was a platform for economic growth. china is now the world's second- largest economy. president who gentile is making a speech -- hu jintao is making
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a speech on the communist party's handling of the economy. they have become more prosperous and more materially wealthy. many people will support the party. there are a group of people, it is not clear how many, but there are hundreds of dissidents calling for political reform in china. they want a western-style democracy. that is something the party has ruled out. the chinese communist party will remain the sole authority here. >> july 2, the tour de france. had you become a vegetarian? >> at last year's door -- and there was contaminated meat.
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he said that all of the food being eaten will be prepared by the team's shaft. there is another story about how to refueled during the tour. one writer is a beg-- rider is a vegan. it is the first time a cyclist will come -- will try to complete the tour while being a vegan. [unintelligible] people fly in to threats from all over the world just to be at one of the 21 stages. >> the thing is how they will
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react to having people on the road at every stage. the french do not trust them. they believe that having tested positive for a banned substance, he should not race. the international cycling union would like them banned. >> when you see them, they are not there. they are not on the side of the road. >> they are there in the competitors are here. >> it will be an interesting tour this year. you're watching "bbc world news." police in chile clashed of violently with protesters at the capitol. the protesters were demanding
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educational reform. the unrest on thursday comes two weeks after tens of thousands of people took to the streets calling for greater government investments in education. >> the streets were full and the message strong -- more money is definitely -- desperately needed for universities in chile. >> chile is one of the most unequal countries in the world. there needs to be a solution to that problem. education could be the key chains. >> in the beginning, students carried signs and others wore costumes. police stood on the sidelines. it was not long before the situation turned ugly. molotov cocktails signaled the beginning. police used teargas and water cannons in efforts to keep the
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what -- keep the violence from escalating. the protesters kept coming. the chilean capital has been plagued by demonstrations in the past month. $75 million as been popped into universities. they need more than that. the protesters vowed to keep up the pressure until the government bows to their demands. >> poland will take the helm of the european union from lottery today. it will have a six month term. tens of thousands of activists have taken to the streets. more news on our website at you can also send us an e-mail. hugo chavez admits he is being
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treated for cancer in cuba after weeks of speculation. the sexual assault case against dominique strauss-kahn -- the prosecution is concerned about the background of his accuser. the final day of the african summit will be dominated by discussions about libya. five african presidents are expected to put forth a plan aimed at ending the conflict. we are joined now on the line from that meeting. what do we know of this plan being presented later today? >> basically what happened yesterday is that the meeting went into the night until 1:00 in the morning. it is due to start again now.
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everybody has to pronounced themselves over the libyan crisis. there are not many divisions. it appears there are still some divisions over the libyan crisis. we do not know exactly what will happen at the meeting, but it is clear the african union is calling for a cease-fire in for talks to start with gaddafi agreeing not to take part in these talks. they might actually write a paragraph against gaddafi, saying that he will complicate the situation and they will,
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therefore, not cooperate with the arrest warrants. they may ask for the arrest warrants to be withdrawn. >> many thanks. crowds gathered in ought to what to seeo -- ottawa to see the ditch in dutchess breeds -- duke and duchess. >> the crowds had been large. the welcome has been warm and enthusiastic. particularly, of course, for her. she smiled, taking it in stride, and posed for amateur and photographs -- amateur and
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photographs. william and catherine spoke at the welcoming ceremony. >> katherine and i are delighted to be here in canada. before we were married, we had a longing to come here together. >> he tried a similar fought in france. -- thought in french. >> it will improve as we go along. [laughter] later, the dress code relaxed for a reception with young people, one of the recurring themes of the visit. somehow they talked about universities and who went to what lectures. it was all very relaxed, all very unlike what the canadians have been used to from their world tea. it will continue today on canada's nacional de where
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william and kathryn b. the guest of honor is -- catherine will be the guest of honor. >> it is being billed as the other royal wedding. the marriage of prince albert ii of monaco to a former olympic swimmer. other members of royal families are descending today. >> the principality prepares. monocoque, the tiny tip of southern france, famous for its great wealth finally gets its long awaited royal wedding with the marriage of prince albert followed by a religious ceremony. 300,000 guests will attend the marriage. the bride is a former swimmer with the south african olympic
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team. the guest list includes the heads of state and royalty. the wedding is fit for a king. >> it is essentially a vegetarian-seafood menu. i try to keep the individual flavor of each ingredient. luckily, prince albert allows us to grow fresh food in his garden. >> the palace has denied reports that the bride was getting cold feet. the royal wedding of william and kate middleton -- many in monaco are happy to see and finally settling down.
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>> studio executives will be monitoring box office returns. all of the film's to get sales are expected to be strong, most 3d movies in the u.s. are waning. as the big studios scared. >> transformers is one of 16 3d pictures being released in hollywood's blockbuster season. everyone involved in the film has touted its 3d credentials. >> i have yet to see a movie that handles the medium. this is different. i am not saying that just because i am in it. >> it is an attempt to overcome audience apathy. when "avatar" i arrived,
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audiences were dazzled. since then, most 3-d films have been disappointing. >> i think it is a waste of money. people are being robbed. >> declining interest has made studios and nervous. >> i think the honeymoon for three d is over. the percentage is coming from the 3d strains are becoming less and less. what was a novelty in a year ago is becoming commonplace. >> one of the problems is feature films not conceived in 3d. >> 3cd as a format has been hurt by a lot of mediocrity. it hurts the industry. >> strangely, while interest is waning in the u.s., it is flourishing outside of america
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where exploitation of the format is in its early stage. >> when people see three or four bad 3d movies in a row, no matter what continent you live on, you're going to get sick of 3d. >> transformers is a significant new be in the evolution of 3d. it as the full potential of 3d not witnessed since "avatar." collects even if ticket sales of four transformers start very strong, experts say it is the exception rather than the rule. 3d is in trouble and hollywood needs to rethink its strategy. >> see our headlines online
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